02 | 22 | 2018

About Us

The MSO forum was started by 5 music store owners who all felt a place was needed to communicate and work together. Knowing that Community based, independently owned music stores are the best way to grow our industry and create a more musically active society. These store owners laid down the ground work to Create the On-Line Forum for Store Owners to Communicate with Each Other; Musicstoreowners.com. Originally Called MSO for short. A totally non profit internet forum for music store owners. It cost nothing to join, and was run by totally volunteer effort and paid for by contributions.

Meanwhile another group of hardworking Music Store Owners had put together a group called IMRA, the Independent Music Retailer Association. MSO & IMRA Shared Similar Goals & Ideals. IMRA had the great organization and many very sharp members. The cost to join was $100 and it was a more formal group. IMRA offered the structure that was lacking in MSO. They had established Non-Profit Status, a board of directors and officer positions, insurance to protect those board members, and was membership dues.

MSO on the other hand had a less organized grass roots method of running their forum and a passion for the industry which attracted a strong following. At the end of 2008 the two groups completed a merger realizing they had the potential to be much more successful together.

Now with the 2 groups combined they are know as IMSO (Independent Music Store Owners).
The main function of IMSO to supply independent music retailers with a way of staying in touch with each other and furthering local brick and mortar music store's interests.
We have an 8 Member Volunteer Board of Directors; Including President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary. Each board member serves a 2 Year Term, with 4 Positions Opening Every Year. Many other Members are encouraged to Volunteer to Help with the Functionality of the Forum and Other Operations of the Group.

IMSO Motto:
The Industry's Best Resource for Independent Music Store Owners.

IMSO Mission Statement:
IMSO will support, encourage, educate, and inspire the independent music store owner through the sharing of knowledge and experience.

IMSO Fundamentals:
IMSO exists to ensure the continuation of independent locally-owned music stores. It does this through the sharing of information and ideas, collective bargaining, combined purchasing power and the combined influence in dealing with manufacturers, vendors, government, and industry media.

IMSO Goals:
- Maintain and improve the forum (http://www.MusicStoreOwners.com).
- Maintain and improve the IMSO Seal of Approval program.
- Define and expand the iBUY program.
- Partner with manufacturers for promotional events.
- Manage media relationships and maintain a media resource page on the forum.
- Maintain a ‘Hot Products’ page for IMSO members on the forum.
- Continue an open line of communication among store owners, vendors, and manufacturers.
- Create and maintain a calling committee for communication with IMSO members.
- Educate vendors about the effects their decisions have on independent music store owners.
- Forge alliances with vendors whose policies are truly independent friendly.
- Lobby governments at all levels to create a uniform sales tax law for interstate retail businesses whether operating via web or traditional mail.

On the forum you will find discussions about all kinds of things, like:
"How do you run your lesson program"
"Are your teachers employee or independent contractors?"
"What brands are selling or not selling in your store?"
These are just a few examples of the kind of subjects you find on the forum and of course you can start new threads and ask any questions you would like an answer to or just want to discuss.